Wednesday, August 13, 2008

FOX19 Soundoff

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FOX19 said...

Question of the day for August 13 -What is the most outrageous way that you have ever celebrated a birthday?

scubawithmanatees said...

I went to the hospital to be induced for the 3rd time with my first child.

Nick Dretyer said...

my bday was last saturday but if i had a wish i would love to anchor a newscast. strangely enough news is my favorite thing to watch and I love broadcasting. In fact in 2002 I came to watch your ten o clock news. Jack and Tricia are nice... Steve you doing a great job..

NEW NEWSCAST at 6:30 Awesome
Nick Dreyer
Independence KY

SCarol said...

I spent a birthday left waiting for a ride from three different people, whom never returned, with a friend of mine in a haunted house sponsored by a fire department. Finally, an off-duty fireman passed by on his way home and saw a light on in the haunted house and stopped to check it out. He allowed us to use his phone to call for a ride and waited till someone got there to pick us up. Odd, but still hilarious !!! Certainly a memory that neither I nor my friend will ever forget. A screaming good time of a birthday party would be a haunted house (a GREAT one) that would end with a party. The party would have entertainment provided by Peter Frampton, who is stellar to say the least, and would take place at the Down Under bar in Covington, KY. Obviously, since the bar is small (but great), the crowd would have to be invitation only and small with ALL knowledge of the musical master's presence being kept HUSH-HUSH. Just a wish of mine, but I think it is a great one.

Anonymous said...

i think Chad is a great asset to the Bengals as long as he is quiet